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On July 31st, I was interviewed by, Special GO! missionary. Click HERE to see the interview.
Greetings in the name of our Lord savior Jesus Christ.  My name is Michael Gaudé (went to his heavenly reward on October 31th 2019) and my wife’s name is Jackelin. We are Missionaries here in the town of Los Cocos, Nicaragua near the city of Leon. I am originally from Santa Ana, California in the USA, and my home Church is Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Jackelin is a Nicaraguan National originally from this same town of Los Cocos. We got married back in November of 2007.
In early 2008 we started planting the church where we continue to minister until present day.  The name of our church ministry is called Capilla Del Calvario Emanuel which translates to Calvary Chapel Emanuel.  We started the church because when we were newly married and started to build our home here in Los Cocos, we tried to fellowship in the local churches but found out that each one of them had false doctrine and fleeced the flock for their money. So we have been dedicated from day one to teach God’s word faithfully with sound doctrine and to give to the community rather than take advantage of them as others do. My wife Jackelin is a gifted Pastor’s wife. She leads worship, also is leader of the children’s ministry.
I am a Bible teacher and Sr. Pastor of the church. Because the people here in Nicaragua predominately live in poverty the church does not collect very much in the way of tithes and offerings. So we as Missionaries live completely by faith trusting in God to meet our needs and he does give to us our daily bread which has enabled us to live and minister here since we started the church ministry.  The Lord has raised up others in our Church group to serve from the Nationals as well as Missionary David Budgen who married my wife’s sister Ninoska. Dave teaches Bible studies and has the gift of helps. Ninoska plays piano and is in the worship team.  My wife’s father is Arcenio who is our Assistant Pastor. We have had opposition here in the community against our service to God and there are those who hate us here. Despite the difficulties and those who are against us we continue to serve the Lord for His honor and glory. We give hot cooked meals to the children most every Sunday, also clothing and food for those who are in need. We have two wonderful boys named Samuel and William. 
I first got started in Missionary work back in 1984 in Alamos, Sonora Mexico. I received my diploma from Calvary Chapel Bible School in 1986. I also learned Spanish at Calvary Chapel of Alamos language school in 1987 – 1988 where I lived with Mexican families who did not speak English. I still live in full emersion in the culture and community here with my wife Jackelin and family knowing to be able to reach the people one needs to speak their language and adapt to their way of life.  My wife Jackelin helps me to better know the needs and what is going on here because she is a native Nicaraguan. Together we are a team serving the Lord for His honor and glory. Please pray for us and consider to partner with us so that we will be able to continue to meet the needs and teach God’s word to those whom He puts in our path. Thank you and may God bless you.
Meet Pastor Gaude (went to his heavenly reward on October 31th 2019) and his family in Nicaragua
Spanish Bible Studies...
Comida típica Comida típica El arte culinario nicaragüense se remonta a tiempos precolombinos, a como lo atestiguan los nombres de algunos de sus más conocidos platos.
Children's ministry, we feed each child a hot cooked meal, it is a blessing to be able to give to them, because they come from poor families.

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